Monday, March 5, 2012

beach babes

Russ and i visited a dog friendly beach a few months ago with his parents. we made a note that we definitely wanted to go back and bring the girls since they'd never been to a beach.

since we had such great weather this weekend we thought we should jump on it.  we spent sunday afternoon at the beach and man was it beautiful.

the only catch was this beach is dog friendly, but it is also nakey friendly- i.e. its also a nude beach. im not just talkin like talking full on old nasty fat men walkin around with it alllll hangin out. i totally admire that kind of confidence because i am beyond modest, but wow i was shocked.  needless to say i couldnt post some of the pics because i realized there were naked people in the background of them...oops!

that's the beach down below

heading down...

B&B are excited

Brussy in the Bay!

"woooof woof!! what is this moving water stuff!"

3 Bs in the Bay!

then they got a bath and slept for 15 hours!


Mo (New on U) said...

Don't you love how outings like this totally wear them out?! Your pups definitely like the water waaay more than mine do - the love the beach, just stay away from the wet stuff!

Stephanie said...

I love baker beach! I've been a few times - it's easy to avoid the nakeys but you still might get a few old guys in speedos. :)

elizalouise.bell said...

Baker Beach is my favorite place to go think. I stay away from the North Side (I think) where the nakey ppl are, but the view of the bridge and the sound of the ocean really are so breathtaking.