Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend in Ojai

Russ and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Ojai.  I originally planned this as a birthday gift to him, but then with our move so close we almost decided to cancel it.  Then with all the stress of the move we decided it was important to take some time together to reconnect, de-stress and remember the good stuff.  It worked perfectly! We had an awesome time.  We went wine and olive oil tasting, drove through beautiful orchards, went hiking up the Topa Topa Mountains through avocado orchards and ate lots of yummy food.  All and all, well done!  Here are some pics...

At the beautiful Old Creek Ranch winery in Ojai. Loved all the wines, which is rare for me!

cherry orchard at Old Creek

yuuuummmy! at Knead

surrounded by citrus orchards

olive oil tasting at Ojai Olive Oil

sooo many delicious flavors of oil and balsamic.  i got olive oil from a hundred year old tree, garlic oil and blackberry ginger balsamic...heaven!

hiking through the avocado orchards

us near the top

dinner at Suzannes.  heart-shaped berry lemon tart for dessert!


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

This looks like such a fun weekend, Chantal. I love all your pictures! I would love to go olive oil tasting! YUM! So happy you started a blog :)

Hope you have a good week!


B said...

Thanks so much Bailey! I definitely recommend the olive oil tasting! Looking forward to reading your blog as well :)

B said...

oops i meant Jessica! haha i was reading bailey when i wrote that and i just typed it wrong....sorry!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

so glad to check out your hiking pics!! doesn't it feel so good when you get close to the top?

however, it was impossible not to get distracted by all the delicious looking food. yum.

Ellegra said...

Isn't Ojai the cutest! I went to boarding school up there in high school. I miss it up there so peaceful and everyone is SO nice!