Tuesday, February 28, 2012


we are officially sanfranciscans!  we are exhausted from all the moving but so excited to get settled here.  Here is the story of our move in pictures....
we started by packing up our old place, "the bungalow."  then we drove the truck to Papa B's (my dad) where we were storing all of Russ' furniture.  There we unloaded some of my stuff that was going to stay and loaded his stuff that was going= a very long day!

the next day we spent 3 hours cleaning the bungalow to ensure I get my deposit back. 

then the next day at 545am we hit the road. this is the set up i made for B&B in the back seat

 we left when it was still dark...this was pretty much the view i had for 7 hours! haha
 B&B in the car.  Bijou hates the car and pants/whines most of the time.
California is so beautiful!

Brussy slept the whole way and Bijou panted the whole time...

almost there!!

and we made it!! thats Russ enjoying our new couch!

this is our giant bed! i think i may need a step stool to get in it :(

more to come once we are settled! :)


Brooklyn said...

Awww sweet pups!!! Glad you guys are getting settled in!

B said...

thanks brooklyn!

lindsay grace said...

Love the pics of the pups in the backseat!!

And that is looking more like a "Russ" bedroom than a Chantal room right now!

B said...

linds it was more of a russ bedroom, but not anymore...i organized it! :)

Mo (New on U) said...

Very cute pups! One of mine hates the car too - he just whines and pants the whole time. Poor guys!