Thursday, February 16, 2012

moving sucks...S

(yes this box is from when we moved in the 3rd grade...unfortunately I no longer have an american girl doll or a pink collector barbi)

So I am just going to come right out and say it...moving sucks!
I am really excited to be living in San Francisco and to get settled there, BUT
the actual process of moving is so stressful.
Packing up everything you own is really not fun, but then you also have to plan the logistics of moving
like renting a truck and getting a permit to park on the street
and doing a walk through with your landlord.

Also, since I have lived in LA basically my whole life, it kind of just hit me that I am going to have to find a new dentist, doctor, dry cleaner, dog groomer, vet, car person, church etc.
You'd be shocked at how many things you have to find
I dont want to have to find these all at once and I am struggling letting go
So I have decided to get everything done before I go, which sure does add a lot to one's to do list!

Blah! mom, are we there yet!?


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

not to mention a gynocologist...yikes.

you know you're gonna have to find one eventually.

B said...

haha seriously!! is it bad that for right now im considering flying back to LA when I need to go!!?