Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mardi gras/ash wednesday

happy mardi gras everyone!! I cannot believe it is already mardi gras...where does the time go?! This means that tomorrow is ash wednesday.  Now, I'm not catholic (i know they aren't the only christians who participate in lent, but they are the most well known for it), but I do love lent. 

Lent begins on ash wednesday and ends on easter (lasts 40 days). you're supposed to pick something to give up during this time to contemplate Jesus' sacrifice and reflect on your own life.  No matter what your religion is, i think it is always a good idea to reflect on your life.

I have given up everything from chocolate, to peanut butter, to swearing, to facebook...yes chocolate was by far the hardest! i like to choose something that i will actually miss, but also something that i can realistically give up.  lately i have been thinking a lot about the power of your own mind and positive thinking SO to really put my money where my mouth is...i have decided to give up complaining!......or to seriously try.  i know, this sounds impossible, right? especially when i am unemployed and moving! haha but either way i think it is important to try and maybe after 40 days of virtually no complaining, i will have broken the habit!

do any of you give up anything for lent?


Brooklyn said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on Veggie Table mostly because it lead me to YOUR blog! So my husband and I have been thinking about Lent and he has decided to give up pizza for 40 days (he eats it like 4 times a week) and I'm going with bread (I'm addicted to pita bread, baguettes, eating bread with hot sauce, ha!) No complaining - good luck and I know you can do it!

B said...

Hi Brooklyn! You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by B in the Bay! I should probably give up pizza too! my boyfriend and I eat so much we call ourselves pizza monsters! haha. thanks for the good wishes...good luck to your both as well! looking forward to getting to know you and your fur baby better :)

krystrom said...

So fun to connect:) You are going to love SF...I grew up there and now live in OC (so we have switched spots, hehe). Kevin and I are looking forward to participating in something called Love in Action for Lent. We did it over the advent season and blogged about it (http://hopeengaged.blogspot.com/2011/11/adventjoin-me-i-dare-you.html) We're excited to see what the Lord has for us in this time:) If you guys want to join us the last two weeks, i'll send you the daily devotions for it! Woo Hoo! Much much love, Katie

B said...

Katie, thanks so much for stopping by! That's so funny that we switched places! I am really looking forward to moving to SF.

Love in Action looks great! That's such an interesting and creative idea! Ill have to discuss it with Russ before I sign him up for it haha, but if we don't do it for lent, I definitely want to do it sometime soon. I studied african politics in college, got the opportunity to visit south africa and worked with sudanese refugees in san diego and as a result africa has such a special place in my heart. are you going to post the daily devotions on your blog or just email them? either way, id love to read them. :)

krystrom said...

Wow, that is so great you studied Africa politics in college:) I studied Africa history at UCD and also lived in SD for a while working with Invisible Children, and doing a little bit with Sudanese Refugees. Once I have the devotions I will either post them on my blog or send them to you!! Good luck on your move! woo hoo, let the fun begin:) Good luck job hunting!

B said...

WOW! thats so funny! what a small world! while im glad to have met a kindred spirit. thanks so much! :)