Wednesday, February 22, 2012

introducing...Bijou & Brussy!

Here are my little will be seeing a lot of them around here.  I got bijou first and she was such a pest, I knew she needed a friend.  She met brussy at the dog park.  We took brussy home and they have been inseparable ever since.

Bijou & Brussy- Brussy's first day with us (hence the sad face and the messy hair)

happy after a hike

preparing for the rain in SF (not lookin too happy about it!)

their christmas coats- also to keep warm in SF

bijou as a puppy..she had cute floppy ears....

but then she grew up and they stood up!

brussy at her window...she likes to watch everything going on outside!

really?! what dog sits like this? she is my angel puppy



Brooklyn said...

Oh my gyah - they are both soooo cute! I love them already! Ok, we have been going back and forth for a few months about whether to get Salvador a playmate. He's soo high maintenance, demands our attention 24/7, and super hyper so we thought instead of driving us crazy...he could drive another pup crazy. Butttt we just aren't sure - would love to hear your thoughts!

B said...

Thanks so much!! :) Bijou was super high maintenance like that too. If i would even leave the room she would cry. She always wanted to play and had waaay too much energy (still does). Once we got brussy, everything was sooooo much better. They play and run and wrestle. Bijou is still demanding haha, but at a tolerable level now. Getting brussy was the best decision i ever made. she is a wonderful rescue and having 2 dogs is really not that much more work since you already have to walk and feed one. i definitely say do it! :)

Brooklyn said...

You completely answered all my questions - thanks so much! Sounds like Bijou and Salvador are two peas in a pod - he whimpers if I even walk to the mailbox and back for a while 15 seconds, ha! :) I'm now going to copy and paste your response in an email to my husband to get this ball rolling. Thanks again!

B said...

aw im so happy to help! haha yes maybe bijou and him are long lost loves! how old is he? bijou is 4 and she has definitely mellowed since she was a baby. keep me posted on how things go!

Brooklyn said...

hey! salvador is only a year and few months old - my fingers are crossed that he settles down (and hopefully sooner than later, ha!) will let you know if we have salvie a friend! :)