Tuesday, February 14, 2012

can i come play?

I never really understood what blogs were until my friend told me about Google Reader and how to use it.  I started reading Megan's blog because we went to high school together and I was utterly jealous that she was bold enough to up and move to England.  After reading Megan's blog I stumbled upon Sophie's.  Once I started, I hopped from blog to blog and fell more and more in love....with blogging.  I admired the time they took to share their lives and the bravery to be truly honest and share their fears with the world.  I became engrossed in their lives.  Just reading their blogs I feel like their friends.  I got so into it that I started to feel like the dorky kid on the playground who didn't get to play.  I wanted to participate in blates and friendships, but couldn't because I didn't blog.  I wanted in.  I'd been thinking about it for months, but couldn't take the plunge.  I don't live in Europe, I don't have kids, I'm not married...what's so special about my life?  Nothing and everything really...so here I am.

SOO...now just a little bit about me...
I am a 26 year old, type-A, unemployed baby lawyer.  I thought going to good schools and getting good grades meant I would end up on top.  I worked hard, studied a lot, passed the bar the first time all with the goal of finding and starting a rewarding career....FAIL.
As i am writing this, my first post, I was recently told that the job where I had interviewed with not one, not two, but EIGHT different people; the job that I flew to San Francisco and back twice in one week for; the job that I wanted too badly...didn't want me.  They were concerned that I was overqualified...really!?  I poured my heart out in those interviews about my life plans and goals and the truthful reasons why I wanted this job that they felt was so below me. 

I know this is all pretty serious for one's first blog posting, but a lot of people are struggling with unemployment and not knowing what they want to do so here I am putting it all out there hoping that even though this job rejected me, you'll let me come play...

PS clearly I am not a computer genius as this blog looks awful! any tips or help on making is look less awful would be appreciated.

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